Jerzy Kosinksy: Steps

Publisher: Bantam (1969)


  1. The scan of "Steps" looks like the cover I posted on my Flickr account. (swallace99). I have another Kosinski that may be a Dillon cover there as well: "Being There":

  2. Thanks for alerting me to the other Kosinski cover. I am not sure that it is, in fact, Dillon work. The collage hands in particular would be unusual for them, but I will dig around on the internet for more information!

  3. Thanks. I thought maybe Milton Glaser, but I can't verify. How about this other cover - The Painted Bird by Kosinski. I've seen it attributed to the Dillons, but I'd like your opinion.



  4. I am fairly certain that the illustration you linked me to is also not Dillon work. It's definitely understandable that you came to that conclusion, though, because I too have seen it listed on the web as a Dillon cover. I looked into it, and it seems that this illustration has been wrongly attributed to the Dillons due to the fact that they did actually illustrate a different copy of The Painted Bird. I have that image on the archive: http://leo-and-diane-dillon.blogspot.ca/2013/09/jerzy-kosinski-painted-bird.html
    Personally, I find this one more striking :)